Getting Started Was Confusing

You probably found your way here the same way I found my first business coaches website because you are looking for an ANSWER to FINALLY take the leap to transform your passion into a business so you can start living a life you love and TRULY start LIVING!

I know what that can feel like!


Dragging your feet out of the bed in the morning, thinking if you walk slower something may happen where work is canceled and you don’t have to go in…but it doesn’t.

These kinds of days happen on repeat for about 40+ more years (if you’re “lucky”).

I used to feel the same way, but there really is more to life than just “clocking in” each day.

You don’t have to hate your job to feel this way because it starts with not being fulfilled in what you're doing.

When I discovered my purpose and how I could start a business part-time and begin creating the full-time income I desired, I stopped working overtime. I stopped picking up extra days and starting picking back up my life.

A life where I can schedule to just go to the book fair and go home for the day. (I LOVE books by the way!)

A life where I can spend more time with my nieces and nephews…all 20 of them. (Yeah, my family is that big.)

A life where I can earn more income in a few hours than a pay cycle could offer. It’s real and you can do the same thing!



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